Will Guthrie

Will Guthrie Melbourne: "Building Blocks" Music

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

23-01-04 Fifo Festival Tahiti

24-02-04 Oceania Center USP Suva Fiji

09-03-04 Pondok Pekak Library Ubud Bali Indonesia

22-3-04 MAF Bangkok 2004

07-9-04 Künstlerhaus Bethanien

23-10-04 Galerie Wohlfahrt Rotterdam

29-10-04 Haferkamp Münster

30-10-04 Deux Machine Festival München

01-11-04 Kunstkammer Stuttgart

25-02-05 MAF Bangkok

26-03-05 Janghu Festival Kunming

30-07-05 Station 17 Kassel

18-11-05 HKW Berlin

16-12-05 Boulev´Art Cotonou Benin

19-12-05 Ecoile des Metiers Benin

23-01-06 Arthaus Accra

29-01-06 Arema Lomé Togo

19-05-06 Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Köln

17-10-06 University of Forestry Ha Tay Vietnam

20-10-06 Goetheinstitut Hanoi

08-12-06 Uni Paderborn

Drummer/percussionist/composer Will Guthrie has been a vital and energetic force on the Australian improvised music scene for the best part of 10 years. His unique and highly personal approach has led him to play, tour and record with many of Australia's leading contemporary improvising musicians here and overseas, as well as being involved in numerous multi-arts projects including dance, film, theatre and puppetry.
Born in 1977 he studied improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts and finished with a Bachelor of Music Performance in 1998. He has studied privately with Australian's Graham Morgan and Adrian Sherriff as well as with American jazz legend Tony Williams.
In 1997 he won the Wangaratta National Jazz awards for drums and recorded for the ABC with his own band 'ANTBOY'. Will was the major force in starting and maintaining the regular Tuesday night Improvised Music gig at the Planet Café-now known as the Make It Up Club. He has also organized, promoted and presented many concerts featuring himself alongside others with a continuing focus on developing an original Australian improvised music identity, relevant to the environment and era from which he comes.
Will’s influences range from many styles and music(s). He often plays home-made instruments, found and junk alongside more conventional drums and cymbals as well as electronics. Rather than ‘genre specific’ Will prefers diversity-he feels comfortable in many different styles and settings from experimental/rock/jazz/flamenco to working with puppetry/dance and visual artists.