Phnom Penh - Workshop

Banyan Workshop for Children and young people at Wat Opot in Takeo: "We make a Banyan Movie !"

A Ghost in the Tree

A Wat Opot Cambodia
Film Production
In cooperation with

Thank you to Metahouse for support.

Story: Dany, Srey Aun (2), Alfred
Production Managment: Christine
Director: Alfred
Camera: Orvik
Photos: Joybrata
Best boy: Sromuoch
Speaker: Sina
Guitars: Chandara, Amy
Scary Sounds: Thear, Watana, Nak, Mangthy
Actors Support: Ramona, Franzi, Amy, Jurina

Father: Chandara
Mother: Chareya
Son: Leak
Daughter: Srey Noy
Rich Man: Brus
Girl in the bar: Srey Next
Ghosts: Srey Aun (1), Srey Next, Rong, Chareya
Wat Opot Manager: Wayne

Banyan Workshop für Kinder und Jugendliche im Wat Opot / Takeo: "Wir drehen einen Banyan- Spielfilm!"

A Ghost in the Tree

A farmer and his wife and their son lived in Cambodia.

They worked on the fields every day.

But one year, the rain did not come, and they had no food.

So the farmer said to his family:
"I must go to the town to work."

In the town he got a job and he worked very hard.

But he missed his family.

In the town lived the RICH MAN. He had many GIRLS work for him in the BARS.

The farmer felt very lonely, so he went to the BAR of the RICH MAN.

The RICH MAN said: "Farmer! The GIRL make you happy !"

Some month later the farmer had earned the money.

He went home to his village.

But he did not know, that he was infected by the GIRL in the BAR.

He was H.I.V. positive.

He returned to his family, and all were very happy.

"Son, here you get some money, go and get you some ice cream!"

A new child was born, a girl, but she was very sick.

Both, the mother and the daughter were H.I.V. positive.

The family was very poor again.

They had no money to pay the medicine.

The RICH MAN build a new house in the village.

In front of the house was a big Banyan Tree.

The RICH MAN did not like it. "It makes to mutch shadow."

He did not want to cut the tree by himself, it brings bad luck.

He asked the farmer: "Can you cut this tree for me, I will pay you very well !"

To pay the medicine for his daughter and his wife, the farmer cut the Banyan tree.

But he knew, this would bring very bad luck to him.

In the next night, the RICH MAN had a nightmare.

He was very affraid !! He thought, he must die !!

A ghost spoke: "Listen ! Bring all your money to Wat Opot, and you will be happy again !"

The next morning, The RICH MAN gave all his money to Wat Opot.

After cutting the tree, the farmer died.

But his daughter and his wife got the money to pay medicine.

They survived.

Now, the son had to earn the money for the family.

He went to the forest to cut the trees.

There were not many big trees left in the forest.

The son found a big Banyan tree.

"I will cut this tree, but first a want sleep for a while !"

The boy had a dream.

A ghost spoke to him: "Listen ! Don´t cut this tree.

I you do so, i will tell you a secret, that brings you good luck!"

So, the son promised not to cut this tree.

The ghost spoke: "Listen now!"

"If you cut the trees, you also must plant the trees, and you will see, this good for you, too."

And the son did so, and from that day on, the family had a good luck in everything they did.